What is Career Coaching for Teenagers? A Helpful guide for Parents

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Updated 26th Oct 2023

So, why career coaching for teens?

Career coaching for teenagers is not very common. But coaching is now a very popular form of team management in the workplace and in recent years is replacing the more dictatorial management approach. And many adults now use career coaching for their own careers.

So how can this be applied to teenagers who are not yet working? Coaching is a way of helping the client (teenager) to move forward in their decision making process. The coach never tells the teenager what to do but asks them questions to help them find their own answers.

The coach knows that these answers are already within the client but the client may not have the tools to answer the questions by themselves.

5 Benefits of Coaching for Teenagers

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  1.   Coaching is a very powerful tool for teens.

It gives them the opportunity – maybe for the first time in their lives – to take control of their own future in a manner that is suited to their own pace. Your teenager is given the space where they are the chief decision maker, an important step into adulthood. No parents or teachers around telling them what to do.

  1.   Self-discovery

During the coaching sessions, the teenager goes through a process of self-discovery. This helps them confirm their strengths, passions and life ambitions – before looking at potential careers. I get them to look for evidence from those around them so that they know that it is true. It’s only after they have grasped these that we start to look at the career pathways that will allow them to maximise what they have to offer to the world.

  1. Self-Confidence

They gain self-confidence during the process as they grow to know their self-worth. My aim is that they can readily tell anyone they meet what their strengths and passions are without the need to be bashful.

  1. Ownership

Once they establish their career goals, they take ownership of the exam and course application processes. My clients have shown that they know what has to be done and do it with minimal intervention from their parents. This spreads to many areas of their lives, not just study. Or, they make the decision that college is not for them and own that decision.

  1. Strengths based Career Choices  

When teenagers choose a career based on their strengths, they are more likely to choose one that is most suitable and stick with it than drop out of college. I show them how to research potential careers and use what they have learned about themselves to verify their choice. Many students choose careers for the wrong reason and end up regretting it – I know, I was one of these!


Why do teenagers need Coaching when they get Career Guidance at school?

Yes, teenagers do get Career Guidance at school but often they don’t get enough. Career recommendations are often given based on academic track record and psychological assessments or aptitude tests that don’t quite relate to how the teen is feeling inside.

On the other hand, over a number of coaching sessions with me, your teenager have plenty of time to explore who they are. We discuss how their future looks and how they determine what success looks like to them. And their academic record is taken into account to plan out potential college or further education courses.

Coaching is a powerful process for anyone to go through, but for teenagers it can be their first introduction to the adult world of evidence-based decision making which can catapult them way ahead of their peers.

It provides many benefits that enables them to grow into confident young adults and work to their strengths which feeds back into self-confidence and self-worth.


I look forward to sharing the journey with you and your teenager.

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