Careers Coach for Teenagers and Young Adults

Hi! My name is Helen Dillon
Through the coaching process, I enable your teenager to unlock their future potential by helping them to discover who they are and what they want from life.
I bring them through a process of discovering their talents, skills and passions, what their dreams and ambitions are. Using this self awareness and knowledge I assist them to make informed decisions about their future. I show them the various pathways to achieving their career goals through university study, apprenticeships or further education courses.
I am a qualified Executive and Life Coach along with Bachelor Degrees in Business Studies (Hons) and Electronic Production. I have worked in various industries both in large corporations and small businesses in Ireland as well as internationally.
Helen was a tremendous help in choosing courses for my CAO leading to a career path choice. I gained a massive insight into myself and courses that would suit me and my values. I can only describe my experience with Helen as a huge leap, disguised as a gentle nudge, towards a brighter future.
Jessica, Leaving Cert Student

Helen brought lots of life experience and practical tips in gaining confidence at choosing courses to study. More importantly, getting perspective on what one wants from a career, while not losing sight on what matters in life was brought back into focus. I would highly recommend accessing Helen's coaching service.
Cora, Parent of Leaving Cert Student

I had a fantastic chat yesterday with Helen regarding my daughter. We have alot of decisions to make regarding her future and I had no idea how to help her. Talking with Helen helped alleviate my stress. Her clear and direct manner was very professional. Knowledge regarding options and courses just oozed out of her. She has brought me so much hope and clarity too. I am now feeling so much lighter in myself
Andrea, Parent of Leaving Cert Student

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