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Building Careers with Learning Challenges

Image of student with head in his hands titled "Building careers with Learning Challenges" and subtitle "An online course for parents of teenagers"

Support your teenager to build their career even though their learning challenge prevents them from attaining high grades.

By understanding the flexibility of the educaton system of Ireland at 3rd level, your teen can achieve their ambitions through non-standard routes.

This course provides the background information you need on 3rd level education and how it can be accessed. I also provide different scenarios that your teenager can adopt as well as some resources that may also help.

To cap it off, I provide a 1-hour private consultation to enable you to discuss your teenagers situation and together we can apply the right strategy for your teen to achieve their goals.

The Leaving Cert Year


School-leavers studying for exams

The Leaving Cert Year can be bewildering for the PARENT as much as the Teenager.

With my experience as a parent myself and working with the parents of my teenage clients, I found there is a major gap between the information the parents need to support their teenagers and what they receive from schools & other sources.

I support parents throughout the Leaving Cert school year providing them with the latest information they need to know right throughout the year. 


Image of Helen Dillon Careers Coach for Teenagers

1:1 Consultation

If you haven’t found a course on this page that is right for you, maybe a 1:1 consultation is all you need.

If you have just a number of queries that will help you to support your teenager with career choice or pathways from 2nd level education through the various routes of 3rd level, this is for you.

Book a paid one-hour consultation to get your teenager on the right career path.

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