Careers Coaching for Teenagers

Is your teenager trying to decide which path to choose after school?
But not able to decide what career would suit them?
  They don't know all the options that are available?

Or maybe they are already in college but not sure that they have made the right course choice?
Do they drop out and start again or should they see it through to the end?

If your teen is struggling to answer these questions, maybe an independent coach can help them to find the right path in a non-judgmental manner.

Welcome to Your Path Coaching

How it Works

The process starts with a free introductory call with parent and a second video call with both parent and student to understand the requirements of the student.

The student and I will work together over a number of sessions, typically four, where I encourage the student to discover who they are and what they would like from life. I will then facilitate them  to convert those ambitions into realistic career options by teaching them how to search for relevant courses in the CAO, PLC and other training streams.  The process will result in a guideline plan for the student to follow with their career options of course or work choices.

During COVID-19 restrictions all sessions will be held online.