Careers Coaching for Teenagers

Careers Coaching for Teenagers

My four session programme gives space for the student to discover who they are, and through a structured process enable the school leaver to make the right decisions for themselves. Throughout the programme we address questions like:

  • Who do they think they are? – What are their strengths/talents/skills/values.
  • Where do they think you are going? – What type career/lifestyle do they want.
  • How are they going to get there? – Study/Apprenticeship/Work¬†
  • Bringing it all together – Develop a forward plan of how they will achieve their career.

I show students how to research careers and pathways effectively, ensuring that what they choose matches their interests and skills and that they know the correct entry requirements and CAO points they will need.

Between each session, the student is encouraged to do further research, be it on themselves, potential courses they might like to study or check out alternative options to study they may not have been aware of.

Of course, its not only about college, maybe your teen wants to work or pursue a non-academic qualification through an apprenticeship or Further Education & Training. All of these will be explored through out.

At the end of the programme, the student will have gained valuable insights into their strengths and values as well as improved self confidence. They take ownership for their choices and research their options accordingly. They can focus more on their school work as they now know what they are working towards.

Together, we will consider all options until we find the right choice for them.

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