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I help teenagers and young adults figure out their future careers and career pathways!

Is your teenager stuck trying to choose their future career?

It such a difficult decision at a very early age. Often it is easier for them to procrastinate.

No matter what you say (or don’t) they can’t see a way forward.

Or maybe you are concerned about the choices they are making? For sure when you hear them say “But all my friends are going there… the red flags should be popping up!

The education system has changed so much since us parents went through the Leaving Cert. And the world of work is unrecognisable from that time. Even the routes to qualifications are constantly changing to suit modern employment requirements.

If you are nodding in agreement to all this, please read on and see how I can help your teenager and you.


Career Coaching for Teenagers

Enable your teenager to figure out their career and career pathway through a programme of self-awareness and research.

Online Courses for Parents of Teens

Support your teenager to choose their careers with a number of online courses.

The Leaving Cert Year

Building Careers with Learning Challenges

Subject Choice Guidance for the Leaving Cert Cycle

I help your Junior Cert or TY student choose their subjects for the Leaving Cert cycle.
Hi! My name is Helen Dillon
I am a Careers Coach for Teenagers and Young Adults

Many parents are concerned that their teenagers and young adults are struggling to choose their careers and how they will achieve it. They possibly are not getting the career guidance they need from their schools.

With my program, your teenager will discover their interests and goals and understand how they can use those to find their future career.

You and you teenager will have the peace of mind that they are making the right choice for their future success.


Image of a Hand holding a pen writing at a desk with the text "Study Skills for the Leaving Cert, Refinign how you study to get the best results for you." Authored by "Helen Dillon"
Image of first page a Study Skills Document with small text and an image of a girl at a laptop studying.

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