Transition Year 

Subject choice for senior cycle of secondary school can be confusing.  I can assist the TY student to understand which Leaving Cert subjects will be most relevant for their career choice, even if they are undecided on what they want to do when they finish school. 
  • What are the student's strengths?
  • What subjects are they currently doing?
  • What subjects are they good at/like the most?
  • What are their career aspirations? 

School Leavers

School-leavers have a big decision to make in the final years of secondary school which for some can be really daunting. Often they can benefit from a third party ear to hear their dreams and aspirations in a non-judgmental way without any preconceptions.

This decision is a process and it takes time to consider and research all of the different options available to the student which is why I offer a four part programme. It affords the student time to process all they learn about themselves in their sessions and come back with follow-up questions.

School Leavers Programme

My four session programme gives space for the student to discover who they are, and through a structured process enable the school leaver to make the right decisions for themselves. Throughout the programme we address questions like

·       Who do you think you are? What are your strengths/talents/values.

·       Where do you think you are going? What type career/lifestyle do you want.

·       How are you going to get there? Study/Apprenticeship/Work 

·       Bringing it all together to develop a way forward.

Of course, its not only about college, maybe your teen wants to work or pursue a non-academic qualification through an apprenticeship or Further Education Training. 

Between each session, the student is encouraged to do further research, be it on themselves or potential courses they might like to study or check out alternative options to study they may not have been aware of.

At the end of the programme, the student will have gained valuable insights into their strengths and values as well as improved self confidence. They take ownership for their choices and research their options accordingly. They focus more on their school work as they now know what they are working towards.

Together, we will consider all options until we find the right choice for them.

Transitioning into College Life

Leaving school and heading off to college is so exciting but when the novelty wears off, your teen may wonder if they have made the right decision. It's a very natural  process which many students go through.

Maybe they need someone to talk with who understands the challenge of moving away from home, who knows how difficult study can be, all the while trying to fit into a new environment and make new friends. by talking through these difficulties, they reconnect with their earlier ambitions and settle into their new lives.

Or, maybe the course they chose did not turn out to be what they expected and they don't know whether to drop out of their course or keep going. It helps to have an independent person to go through all the issues and explore potential alternatives. 

If you feel you are not in the right place, but are still unsure what would be the right next step for you, I can help you work through all the conflicting issues so that you make an informed decision that you are happy with. 
In the current climate of COVID-19 restrictions, college life is not what it was supposed to be. 
Online learning is not the same as being present with a lecturer and classmates to provide a dynamic learning environment. Having recently finished a Degree from the UCD Centre of Distance Learning, I have a unique insight into the ways of studying remotely while collaborating in teams. And still remaining motivated!