Leaving Cert - Parents

"My son was quite unsure of his options when filling out his CAO form this year. He was also not willing to discuss why he was choosing these options with anybody at home. It was also evident that he had done little to no research on other courses to achieve the same end – which was very frustrating. With Helen's help he had to rationalise his thoughts & choices to a neutral person and listen to her professional expertise. She gave him homework regarding his choices across all college levels many of which he had not considered to date. I feel a lot more confident in his ability to make good CAO choices when the change of mind window opens up again in June. Thank you very much for your help, it is very much appreciated".

Eimear - Parent of Leaving Cert Student

"Having twins prepare for Leaving Cert and get ideas for college and careers is a tread softly time!! So I decided to enlist the help of Helen. I am delighted to report that it has made a huge difference. Instead of the pressure of trying to get them to talk about or consider courses I found them coming to me to tell me their ideas about what they thought and felt would interest them and how or where they could do more research on it. It was effortless for me and was more self expressive for them. A big thank you to Helen for her kindness, encouragement and support to them".
Helen - Parent of Leaving Cert Students

"I found Helen very professional and trustworthy. My son is generally shy in nature however he was able to easily chat with Helen and appeared upbeat, smiling and energetic after each session. He is now more clued in about the different options available to him. I believe it was easier for my son to talk about his plans with an adult outside of the family unit".

L. McC. - Parent of Leaving Cert Student
I am a 6th year Leaving Cert student and Helen's guidance was incredibly useful. I was very unsure as to what I would like to study but Helen helped me explore my strengths and skills which helped me not only with finding my direction but also with confidence in myself. I benefited massively from Helen's guidance and as of right now my top course is one Helen recommended to me!

Suzanne - Leaving Cert Student
Helen was a tremendous help in choosing courses for my CAO leading to a career path choice. I gained a massive insight into myself and courses that would suit me and my values. I can only describe my experience with Helen as a huge leap, disguised as a gentle nudge, towards a brighter future.  
Thank you for all your help!

Jessica - Leaving Cert Student

College Life

"Working with Helen has been of tremendous value to me, both personally and professionally. The coaching was given at a much-needed time in my life, and was delivered to give maximum results. I was initially hesitant to be coached, as it meant being quite vulnerable in my shortcomings and seeking assistance in improving them. However, from the start Helen was welcoming and supportive, and created a comfortable environment in which I could be very honest and authentic in speaking about what I would like to improve upon. Despite the relaxed environment, the work done was pragmatic and effective, and after each session I felt not only immediately energised, but more content and determined beyond the initial boost of each session. Overall, the programme allowed me to understand elements of myself that I had not understood before, and I found myself gaining a lot more self-awareness and knowledge in how to improve my life - in work and leisure. I am extremely grateful to have gone through Helen’s coaching programme, and am excited to see others benefit from her programme as much as I have in future".
Jack, College Student