The Leaving Cert Year

An online course for parents/guardians

The Leaving Cert Year is normally all about the student but often parents/guardians are watching in the background wondering how to help their teen choose their career, apply for the right course or college or ensure all the applications are in on time.

They hope their teenager is making the right decisions and applying to the CAO or local colleges properly. But it doesn’t always go right!

One mum told me she didn’t even know there was a problem until it is too late.

It’s a stressful Year!

No doubt it is one of the most stressful years a family will experience. Teenagers and parents already have alot to deal with, before exam stress is thrown in on top. Parents are trying to allow their teen choose their own way and often believe that the teen will get all the information they need to choose and apply for courses from school.

Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen!

Here’s how I can help…

I’ve been through the process many times with my own sons and my clients.

As a parent myself, having supported my sons through the process, I understand the frustrations of them not knowing what to choose or even not knowing how to apply for courses or what to do.
Or whether I, as the parent, should step in and take control or remain silent in the background.

There are some times when the parent has to take some action! 

Having spoken with many parents, here are some comments regarding their experiences of the Leaving Cert Year:


“I got to Leaving Cert Results day not knowing we had a problem. My son didn’t understand the points and CAO process, and I hadn’t been involved. I thought that was all covered well in school.”


“I would like to know more about colleges. My kids didn’t go to open days and only considered one college which didn’t really suit him. I think parents should look at the different colleges that would support their kids best”.


“I would like to see the tiered approach – here’s the quickest pathway and here are the other ways to get there if you don’t get the first option. Providing info around the application process, the alternatives, a more rounded view of the choices available would be excellent”

What’s Involved?

An online, year-long programme from September to August helping you to support your teen. Know when you need to get involved or  when you remain supportive in the background. Each month you will get:

  • A guide on what topic is important to act on that month
  • Participation in a live Questions and Answer session via Zoom so you can get solutions to your specific problem.
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What do you get?

  • How the CAO works
  • How to choose a career
  • Grants & scholarships
  • Important deadlines
  • Reminder of Open Days
  • PLC’s & Apprenticeships
  • Study tips/stress management

The programme is designed so that you will know when to start gathering information for applications such as HEAR/DARE, or SUSI grants so that you don’t miss those deadlines.  I will explain how the CAO operates so that your teen knows how to choose their course and fill in their form correctly.

Your Investment

€400 for monthly guides including access to Live Q&A’s for 12 months plus bonus content.

Course on-boards every August and September for September start.

If you have any queries before August or September, please contact me and I will be delighted to help.

I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you and your teen!

See on the inside…

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